EDINBURGH….Where did it all go right?

From the moment our bikini clad actresses arrived on the Royal Mile. And of course for Jeff Stewart’s front page newspaper interview, the fantastic Edinburgh Evening News review and BBC TV naturally having to film us promoting the show in the stocks. Scotland thank you for a brilliant time. We loved you and that’s why we’re back in 2011
Jeff Stewart Interview

Astro Photo

Photo: Daniel James Easters

‘EVERYTHING BUT AN ASTRONAUT’ starring Jonathan McClean as the hilarious know it all Marcus Cartwright and Joanna Linford, the blonde beauty with revengeful reasons for getting his spacesuit off.

Preview Shows, 5 and 6th August. Full run 8th-13th August 2011

The Spaces@ Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DW

Venue 53 Box Office 0845 508 8515

‘Pure comedy in space...BRILLIANT!'

Tom Vennell, ICC Theatre critic, Tuesday 9th August 2011

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