'Talkers and Doers' is a send up of the people who have to have a meeting about the meeting about the meeting and nothing ever gets done, but they're in love with the idea of being in a particular role. Classic situation of empty vessels make the most sound!

Recorded at The Sound House studios in London, it gave Carrot Napper Productions, the opportunity to work with BAFTA Award winning actor David 'Dai' Bradley who made his name playing the lead role of Billy Casper in the legendary British film 'Kes' and to work again with Emma Grace Arends ( Best Actress, Write Now Festival 2011 ) alongside the effervescent East Midlands talent of Nic Adams ( Pete- Shameless Christmas Special ) and Harriet Warner ( Strawberry Fields Festival ).

Photo: Gill (Harriet Warner) and Linda (Emma Grace Arends) make Maurice played by BAFTA winning actor David 'Dai' Bradley (Billy Casper in Kes) finally do something in 'Talkers and Doers'.


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