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Talkers and Doers becomes You Tube hit
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Watch this space for the big name actor who’ll be taking part in Keith’s latest success.

Everything but an Astronaut plays to capacity crowd at 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (See Video Page)


Summer Ice (See Global Page) to be screened on the final day of The Lochness Film Festival

‘Summer Ice is an effective thriller in the classic girl-in-peril style, enriched by a committed performance from Helen Bolitho
Robbie Carnegie- Buxton Open Shorts


ticket collectorIn The Ticket Collector the titular character tries to convince Helen Bolitho’s businesswoman of new ticket regulations…something the polar bear isn’t happy about. It’s a tight story with strong performances all round.

Edinburgh Evening News, 20th August 2010.

Small meets tall in the lead roles. Kim Joyce is outstanding as dodgy ticket collector Ronald Swift suffering from little man syndrome. With Helen Bolitho towering above him as lone traveller Marcella Ashford, the exchange of dialogue between the pair is delivered with comical precision.

Loughborough Echo, July 28th 2010.

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